If you're looking for an Upright, look no further! Duracable Manufacturing has developed the absolute easiest to use Upright drain cleaning machines. The direct drive system means no need for a belt, and our reels are easy to remove and change because of our quick realest swing bolts. Because they're easier to move, use and preserve, these Upright drain machines will save you money and time. And you haven't even heard about the size! Both of these models will slide right through a standard 30" door opening. That makes getting in and out of a job site a breeze. Our Upright drain cleaning machines also come with a built in tool box, perfect for storing your gloves, wrenches and other tools. The polyethylene reel is completely enclosed, and is easily changed for other sizes of cable.  

As with all of our drain machines, the Duracable limited warranty applies. Depending on the machine, both the motor and frame are covered for 3 years post purchase. These Upright drain machines can be operated horizontally or vertically, and feature stair gliders, making them the most versatile machines on the market. For more information, click on each drain cleaning machine, or contact Duracable Manufacturing Customer Service at 877-244-0740.

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