1/2" Drain Cables

If you are working with medium sized drains, you are looking for 1/2" cable. Our 1/2” DuraFlex cable is available in hollow and inner core styles. 1/2” drain cables can be used in a variety of Duracable machines models (DM30, DM10, DM150 and J-Maxx). Duracable drain cables can also be used with most other brands of drain cleaning machines. All DuraFlex drain cables from Duracable are packaged and shipped in a unique carton that helps eliminate problems caused by banding and protects the sewer cable during the shipping process. The drain cable loads easily into your machine which means fewer kinks, longer life, and better return on your cable investment. During manufacturing, we thoroughly test our drain cables to make sure our quality is the highest on the market. If for some reason, the wire fails any of the tests, we discard the entire coil of wire and will not be sold.