5/16" Drain Cables

Whenever you order cable from Duracable, you know you'll have the option of both hollow and inner core. Our Duraflex 5/16" cable is no exception. This 5/16" cable is good for a variety of residential uses, like shower drains and sink lines. If you're interested in cable that will last, don't worry. This is hard drawn, high tensile strength stuff, and it comes in a wide range of lengths. We put all of our American made drain cables though a gauntlet of tests, because we want them to be the best available anywhere. If you run into any problems nesting or flipping your drain cables, you can always contact our team of Customer Service Representatives and Account Managers.

Our drain cables will work with nearly any drain cleaning machine, including: Mytana, Spartan, Ridgid, Gorlitz, General, and others. You can also get the correct ends and slip joints to use with our cable on this site. No matter what type of cable you prefer, hollow core, inner core, or cable-in-cable, you know that our drain cable selections are all held to the same elevated standard. That's why sewer and drain technicians prefer us, because Duracable is built to last. To prove it, we offer a 30-day guarantee against any material defect in every length of sewer cable we sell. For more information on how to care for your DuraFlex 5/16" drain cable, contact Duracable Manufacturing Customer Service at 800-247-4081.