DM175SP1 - Upright drain cleaning machine with 23" cable drum

Upright Drain Machine | DM175SP1 | 23" Polyethylene Reel and 11/16" x 100' cable | Duracable Manufacturing Co

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Cable Diameter:
11/16" Cable
Reel Type:
Polyethylene Reel

DM175 Drain Machine by Duracable

  • Upright style drain cleaning machine
  • For 3” to 10” lines
  • For main lines, commercial, residential, overhead and wall clean-outs, floor drains, heavy grease or tree roots.


  • 3/4 HP motor
  • 175 RPM
  • 10:1 gearbox ratio


  • Power cable feed and return
  • Adjustable handle (3 positions
  • Built-in tool box
  • Steel head bearing
  • Stair Climbers
  • Safety air foot pedal
  • Narrow 10” wheels
  • Fits through 30” doorway


  • 23” polyethylene reel
  • 11/16” x 100’ hollow core cable
  • Substitutions may be available – select options above or call 1-800-247-4081 for details

Recommended Reel: 23” or 27”


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Looking for an Upright? We built it right! Duracable Manufacturing created the DM175 Upright Drain Cleaning Machine with sewer and drain service technicians in mind. If you are looking to tackle the toughest tree roots or grease build-up, the DM175 drain machine is heavy-duty for most mainline jobs.

Our direct drive system eliminates the need for a belt, and our cable reels are easy to remove and switch out thanks to quick release swing bolts. With features that make this machine easier to use, move, maintain, and switch reels, the DM175 drain machine saves you time and money. The DM175 sewer cleaning machine uses a direct drive system with a 10:1 gear ratio for more torque. With built-in stair climbers and an easily accessible toolbox, the DM175 is the upright machine you’ve been waiting for!

The DM175 also features a Power Cable Feed and Return (PCFR) which helps the service technician push and retrieve cable at a steady rate to eliminate problems with your drain cables. The DM175SP1 comes with a 23" enclosed cable drum which holds 11/16" x 100' of sewer cable. Be sure to select the cable end fitting types you need in the dropdown box above.

The machine’s steel unibody frame can be used in a vertical or horizontal position with removable leg supports. A built-in winch hook makes it easy to lift the machine. We design our drain machines with the operator in mind so we include several safety features. An air foot pedal starts and stops the machine during operation, and a GFCI cord prevents shocks or shorts. The DM175 sewer machine has a 3 -year warranty on the frame and gearbox and is built in USA, as is all Duracable drain cleaning equipment.

Recommended Use: Main Lines, Industrial, Commercial, Residential, Overhead & Wall Clean outs, Floor Drains, Grease & Roots

Upgrades or modifications to standard machine components may be available. Please call 1-800-247-4081 to change reel, rotating arm, or cable style, diameter, or length. Additional charges apply.


without PCFR 26”
with PCFR 33”
with narrow wheels 22.5”
with handle in low position 45”
with handle in mid position 47”
with handle in high position 49”
Machine only 91.5 lbs.
Machine with reel, tail piece, PCFR and wheels 149.5 lbs.
92RA-L, -R 23” and 27” Reels
92RA-L is the standard arm for this machine. Opposite arm is available. (92RA-R).


Duracable machines are custom built by trained and experienced manufacturers in our centrally-located United States manufacturing plant. Please call us at 1-800-247-4081 for a delivery date estimate, or to arrange for expedited shipping options. Let us know by checking the selection boxes above if your shipping destination requires a lift gate, pallet jack, or shipping notification.

Cable Diameter:
11/16" Cable
Reel Type:
Polyethylene Reel
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Duracable's industry-leading 3-year warranty covers the frame and gearbox from the date of purchase. The motor warranty is 2 years. Contact your account manager or call 1-800-247-4081 for warranty repair or replacement details.

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