Duracable Manufacturing is the drain cleaning professional’s source for top-of-the line equipment to handle any drain problem. Bust through the toughest clogs, clear obstructions, demolish intrusive tree roots, and scrape away gunk and build-up from residential or commercial drain pipes using Duracable machines. Made in the USA with top-grade materials, our drain machines are tough, powerful and long-lasting.

Duracable manufactures each sewer and drain cleaning machine to exact standards using the most durable materials and time-tested design in the industry. Whether you need a large sewer machine for main lines, a nimble drain machine for a clogged sink, or a versatile machine that can tackle a wide range of jobs, take a look at what Duracable has to offer.

Built to last, and built just how you want it.

Each of our machines is available in several customizable configurations. First, select a drain machine that is sized right for the job. Choose from big upright mainline machines (our DM175 and DM162), versatile sled machines (DM55, DM30, J-MAXX), and small portable sink machines (DM150, DM125, DM138). Outfit your machine the way you like it with an open-spoke metal reel or an enclosed poly drum, compatible cable options and more.

Everything you need is right here.

We’re also an authorized distributor of Picote, Ridgid and other brands.

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