Duracable Cone Chucks and Blade Holders

3rd Aug 2022

Cone chucks are valuable tools every drain care professional needs. Duracable offers multiple different cone chucks, offering more than most companies. Mainline Chucks Our four main cone … read more

A Real Customer Story

16th Jun 2022

Drainage restored in clay line using a classic, powerful drain machineSanta Fe Plumbing was scheduled to replace a commercial sewer line in Tulsa, Oklahoma later in the week, but the customer asked … read more

Inner Core Drain Cable Shrinkage

16th Jun 2022

DO YOU KNOW ABOUT SHRINKAGE?  Talking about shrinkage reminds us of that Seinfeld episode when George Costanza WAS IN THE POOL – it was cold!For those of you who use inner core d … read more