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Using Your Drain Cleaning Machine Safely

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drain cleaning machine, like any other heavy-duty machine, comes with a risk of injury to its user. Many technicians using these machines have been physically harmed on the job. The most common injuries that occur for drain cleaning professionals are injuries to the back and to the legs. To lower your risk of injury, you should stay alert when using machines and follow the product safety guidelines. Whether you already own a drain cleaning machine or are just looking into buying one, it is very important to know how to use such a machine safely. The first step in product safety is to read the product’s manual to fully understand how to use it effectively and safely. Even knowing how to safely operate your drain cleaning machine, you could still get hurt, so it is important to take extra steps to avoid injury.

Many professionals have caused strains and sprains to their back as well as various injuries to their legs. The weight of the drain cleaning machine alone often causes these injuries. If you decide to carry such heavy equipment, you are putting both yourself and the machine in danger – it is easy to drop a machine if you’re carrying it yourself, which could easily damage or outright break your drain cleaning machine. Work smarter (and safer), not harder. Use smart machine accessories to move your machine without risking damage to yourself or your equipment.

Techs are at an especially high risk of injury when they are moving their machines in and out of their vehicles. In order to keep yourself and your machine in one piece, you should invest in certain equipment to more quickly, easily and safely transport. At Duracable, we offer loading ramps designed for our DM55 and the DM175 machine models. These ramps will allow you to safely get your machine in and out of your van, which means no more worrying about drops or falls.

Accidents can also happen when moving and positioning your machine at the jobsite. Thankfully, there is additional equipment that will help you do so without putting yourself at risk. Our DM150 machine cart will assist you in moving your DM150 pivot drain cleaning machine from your vehicle and into a home for positioning. If you have to get your machine to an upper or lower level, stair glides will help you do so with ease. They will assist you in moving the machine both up and down a set of stairs without you having to carry the machine by hand.

At Duracable, we know that you may need different cables and reels to get the job done. Because of this, we make it easy to switch out reels on our machines while on the job. The reel with cable loaded can be very heavy even when it’s not attached to the machine, so we make a reel cart to help you transport your extra reels without risking your back.

Keep in mind that you can also prevent injury by equipping yourself properly. Always make sure to wear heavy-duty gloves when handling and running the machines. Not only will the gloves keep your hands clean, but they will also prevent injuries to your hands. We recommend having gloves on hand in your vehicle so they are easily accessible when you need to handle and use the machine. Heavy-duty boots are also recommended when on the job. They will help keep your feet protected – without them, you could be looking at much more damage to your feet if a drain cleaning machine were to slip and fall on them. Avoid wearing loose-fitting clothing or accessories as these items could get caught in the machine while it is running, putting you in great danger.

Using and moving your drain cleaning machine can be a dangerous job, but there are easy ways to make the job much safer. Just by following these tips, you will already lower the risk of injury greatly. Be smart when working with these machines – wear the correct protective gear and do not move the machine by hand. Invest in equipment that can help you move the machine safely and make your job easier. Browse the Duracable website or contact Duracable Customer Service (877-244-0740) to see all of the carts and loading ramps that we have to offer.

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