Lift Station Grease Dissolver


If you service high-flow systems, like wet wells or lift stations, then you know that a build up of organic waste can quickly cause a problem. Fortunately, the ProClean® Lift Station Grease Dissolver provides a solution. Available in easy-to-install 5 and 10-pound blocks, the Lift Station Grease Dissolver employs ecologically friendly microbes that dissolve all manner of sludge, oils, fats and grease build up, while also reducing odor. There’s no need to wait until it’s too late. The Lift Station Grease Dissolver will combat the type of sludge buildup that is all too common in wet wells and lift stations.

Why Lift Station Grease Dissolver?

• Provides 24 hour constant treatment, does not require periodic dosage
• Diminishes labor time required for dosage maintenance
• Simple installation
• Cost effective & diminishes the need for pump outs
• Prevents hydrogen sulfide and sludge build up
• Cuts down on odor
• Increases lift station efficiency by breaking down buildup from grease and fat
• Removes the need for a metering pump, as well as personnel to dose daily or weekly

Dosage Information:
The ProClean® Lift Station Grease Dissolver will dissolve over a 30-90 day period, as the waste water flow washes over it. Greater flow rates will result in quicker dissolution. The block should be installed directly in the flow.

 - 75KGD - 250KGD ............... 5 lb. block
- 250KGD - 1MGD ................ 10 lb. block

KGD: Thousand Gallons a Day
MGD: Million Gallons a Day


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