Plumbing Locators

If you need to locate underground pipes with speed and ease, we recommend using a RIDGID® NaviTrack locator, like the NaviTrack II or the NaviTrack Scout®. These two locators are able to detect energized lines and utilities easily. They can also pick up on a range of transmitters, if they are also made by RIDGID. Unlike conventional locators, which have 2 or 3 antennas that you have to align correctly, the NaviTrack II and the NaviTrack Scout have multi directional antennas. Combined with their complex software, NaviTrack antennas make locating as quick and simple as possible. The Scout is especially useful when locating SeeSnake and other sondes, or for occasions when you need to find energized lines. Using the Scout's on-screen markers, you'll be able to trace energized lines at 4 separate frequencies, as well as passive AC. The Scout also displays real time signal strength without having to modify gain, and gauges depth as soon as it is above its target. The NaviTrack II will also be a perfect match if you need to locate remote transmitters and energized lines with regular frequency. Because it has even more amenities than the Scout, the NaviTrack II is the top of the game when it comes to plumbing locators.