Camera Reels

RIDGID® SeeSnake® camera inspection reels are the best in the industry because they are built tough for unmatched performance and longevity. Beyond being a durable camera reel, the small diameter of the camera head allows operators to easily navigate through bends and turns in drain lines. The pipe view technology makes RIDGID camera reels ideal for a wide range of inspection needs. Whether you are looking for a 65 foot reel for small spaces like supply lines or a 325 foot reel for mainline sewer inspections, RIDGID provides camera reels to accommodate video inspections for many widths and lengths of drain and sewer pipes, including drain lines with tight turns. Duracable Manufacturing offers many RIDGID SeeSnake camera reels and push cables including: SeeSnake mini (in both standard and self-leveling camera heads), SeeSnake (standard and self-leveling camera heads), SeeSnake MAXrM200, SeeSnake Compact2, SeeSnake microDrain, SeeSnake microReel, and SeeSnake nanoReel.