Need an additional reel for your Duracable drain machine?  Or maybe you need to replace a cable drum?  Duracable has what you are looking for. Duracable reels come complete with what you need to change your old reel for the new one and keep running - including inner reel and revolving arm. All reels from Duracable are easy to change out which gets you back to the job quicker. Each reel is specifically designed to run a recommended size/length of drain cable.  Make sure you are properly using your reel and drain cleaning machine which will help you get the longest life from your sewer snakes. 

Reels can easily be switched out on the job to run a different size sewer cable.  Some of our cable drums can also be used on more than one machine model. Again, it is important that you use the correct reel on the recommended machine for longer life of the machine and reduced wear and tear on your drain cables and other drain cleaning equipment. 

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