Utility Locators

When you need to quickly and confidently locate the target line, trust RIDGID SeekTech® Utility Line Locators. The SeekTech is the only line locator on the market that makes use of omni-directional antennas. They also employ guidance arrows, and a mapping display that’s simple to read. You’ll be more confident in your locates with the proximity signal and signal strength that centers the locator closer to its target, and the precise mapping display. The SeekTech also boasts continual depth, which helps save you a headache by showing depth changes in real time, and current strength, which recognizes current on-target line to allow a for quicker diagnosis of intricate locates.

Both the SeekTech SR-20 and the SeekTech SR-60 RIDGID locators are available from Duracable Manufacturing. The SR-20 is the lightweight and rugged option that locates quickly and accurately. The SR-60 is the premium option, by far the swiftest, simplest and most adaptable receiver on the market. No matter the conditions, the SR-60 can trace any frequency, be it 10Hz or 490 kHz. The SeekTech SR-60 is just as easy and reliable as the SR-20, but it operates on ALL locatable frequencies. No matter which SeekTech you get, it’ll be easy to view all the info you need with their large displays. If you have a quote from someone else, make sure to call Duracable first! We can often meet or beat competitor pricing. For more info on RIDGID SeekTech Utility Locators, contact Duracable Manufacturing.