Female end fitting to use on 5/16" drain snake for attaching cable accessory using a bolt and a washer on the end of drain cleaning equipment.

5/16" Female End (5 pack) | Drain Cable End Fitting | Duracable Manufacturing Co

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Cable Diameter:
5/16" Cable

Female End for 5/16" Cable - pack of 5

The NA2FK Female End Fitting (with internal threads) by Duracable Manufacturing fits most 5/16" drain cables on the market. The NA2FK includes the female end fitting, bolt and a washer and is sold in packs of 5. The female end fitting is attached to a piece of drain cleaning cable by threading the female end into the cable. The opposite end of the end fitting can be used to attach a blade or other cable accessory to the drain cable using the included bolt and washer.

Duracable Manufacturing offers a wide selection of cable accessories for drain cleaning equipment. Choose from a wide variety of cable ends, blades, and other accessories.

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