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The Machine Cart for the Duracable  DM150 pivot drain cleaning machine is designed to move your drain cleaning equipment with ease. Similar to a 2-wheel cart or 2-wheel dolly, the cart slips under the drain machine, and you can tilt the cart back to wheel your drain equipment into place. Equipped with special brackets, the frame of the drain machine is held into place so it does not fall off the machine cart which can put the operator at risk for injury. Similar to the machine cart for the Ridgid drain cleaning machine with the tilt option, the Duracable machine cart is easy to use and eliminates the need to carry the DM150 into a home for drain cleaning service. 

Tired of lugging your heavy drain cleaning machine around? Try the machine cart for the DM150 pivot drain cleaning machine and save your back from lifting. The most common injuries for drain cleaning professionals are back and leg injuries dur to carrying heavy drain cleaning machines. The machine cart moves your equipment without putting strain on the drain cleaning professional and eliminates the need to remove the loaded cable drum from the drain cleaning machine prior to moving it out of the service van. This saves time by leaving the reel on the drain machine, and money, by reducing the number of injuries on the job.