Do your customers want to keep drains clear longer? Of course they do.

Do your customers want to keep drains clear longer? Of course they do.

Posted by Duracable Dale on 2nd Sep 2020

Drain Cleaning is an essential service that cannot be postponed, even during a pandemic. Professional drain cleaners across the country are helping keep customer’s drain lines flowing as customers quarantine and put an unusual strain on plumbing systems.

Your can reassure your customers that once you have completed a drain cleaning job, you can help them keep their drains clear longer with ProClean® Drain Cleaner from Duracable.

Remember the old adage “an apple a day keeps the doctor away?” Well, a monthly dose of ProClean keeps drain lines clear longer! ProClean Concentrated Drain Cleaner is a preventative liquid drain product that really works.

ProClean drain care products digest grease, soap, fat and detergent that accumulates in residential and commercial kitchen and bathroom drains.

ProClean drain care products utilize multiple strains of bacteria as their primary active ingredients. ProClean contains natural, nontoxic, harmless bacteria that absorb the grease and organic buildup that forms in pipes over time and converts them into carbon dioxide and water. The biofilm that coats the inside of the pipes continues to absorb buildup. ProClean contains no harmful chemicals and is safe for the environment. These products are non-caustic, which means they will not harm drain lines like some other products may. You and your customer will appreciate the refreshing scent that deodorizes as it cleans and removes the waste causing unpleasant odors.

The ProClean family of products helps maintain drains in residential and commercial applications. To purchase ProClean, you must have an account with – sign in to place your order, or call us at 1-800-247-4081.

You will increase your company’s revenue and cultivate trust in your customer relationships when you sell ProClean products. We recommend that you keep a stack of ProClean product brochures in your service vehicle so you can leave them with customers after your service visit. (Brochures are free with purchase – just ask your Duracable sales rep if you need more). ProClean is not sold in stores, but your customers can purchase it from professional drain cleaners like you.

  • Bring a gallon or quart into a customer’s home when you work on a drain cleaning job and take a few minutes to explain how it works. Most customers will be eager to try it out, especially after you show them what you pulled out of their drain. ProClean will continually eat away at drain gunk and will slow down buildup that causes clogs.

    Remember, ProClean products are NOT clog removers. They are specialized maintenance products that helps prevent future clogs by keeping drain lines cleaner longer.

    Regular use of ProClean can prevent future service calls to fix the same problem. This is especially compelling in these times when social distancing and quarantining is so important.

    ProClean’s gallon or quart of concentrated drain cleaner has more bacteria than other products on the market, which makes it very economical to use (approximately 60 cents per treatment per drain). Each gallon makes 64 treatments. Our formula is ranked #1 by Consumer Reports and boasts a 98% customer satisfaction rate.

    Some drain care products contain highly caustic chemicals or solvents. ProClean products are environmentally safe and contain no harsh chemicals or solvents — and they are approved for use by municipalities and water-treatment facilities across the country.

    Many drain cleaning companies package drain care products with service calls - the cost of a service call can include drain care products to provide preventive maintenance after cleaning the line. Other businesses prefer to clear the line first, then introduce the option to purchase this preventative product once the customer is satisfied with the job.

    While we’re all maintaining social distance, avoiding unnecessary contact, and keeping extra-clean, it’s reassuring to know that there are steps we can all take to prevent future problems. ProClean is one simple way you can make a difference.