R40798 - Ridgid microReel L100/CA-300 System w/sonde

Ridgid microReel L100/CA-350 System with Sonde

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Ridgid® SeeSnake® microReel L100 / micro CA-350 video inspection system with 512 Hz sonde provides small size and maneuverability for small diameter and tight-turn radius inspections. The R40798 comes with a push cable and camera head with a connection cable for a CA-350 monitor as well as the CA-350 monitor itself. With the micro CA-350 hand-held video inspection monitor, the microReel L100's line capacity is 1.5" to 4" (40 to 100 mm). Stiffer push cable compared to the microDrain enables longer line inspections of up to 100' (30 m). The cable passes 90° bends in most 2" (50 mm) lines. The microReel L100 is made of durable and reliable material, and its hardened stainless steel camera head spring assembly (0.98" / 25 mm) allows for longevity. It also has long-lasting high-intensity lights for high quality viewing. The camera head captures video with 510 x 496 resolution. The lightweight and compact design (10.3 lbs / 4.7 kg, 11.6 lbs / 5.3 kg with CA-350) is half the size of other popular inspection systems, so it is easy to carry to job sites and stow in a service truck.

Quality camera inspection reels can be vital pieces of equipment for plumbing or sewer and drain professionals' service trucks. Ridgid SeeSnake camera reels are the industry standard for offering a wide selection of digital visualization and video inspection tools. Duracable Manufacturing distributes Ridgid cameras and is a certified repair center as well. Looking for the best price discount on Ridgid SeeSnake reels? Duracable often matches or beats competitors' written quotes.

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