R35983 - Laptop Interface System with software, stabilization system, battery and charger

R35983 - Laptop Interface System with Battery & Charger

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With the ® SeeSnake® LT1000 Digital Laptop Interface and the SeeSnake Mini or Standard drain inspection cameras and reels, you can leverage the power and flexibility of a laptop computer as an video inspection monitor. Use a laptop computer as a camera control unit to add powerful monitoring, recording, storage and communications capabilities. The full LT1000 System (6.0 lbs / 2.7 kg, 7.4 lbs / 3.3 kg with battery and charger kit) mounts directly onto a SeeSnake Mini or Standard reel, giving you a stacked and stable platform with a single cord interface. Comes with SeeSnakeHQ™ digital inspection software and stabilization system. The interface allows you to keep gloved hands off the laptop keyboard while controlling camera operation and recording during an inspection. Perform inspections regardless of availability of AC power with the Ridgid 18V advanced lithium battery.

The SeeSnakeHQ is powerful inspection software for monitoring, recording and managing digital inspection data in the field. Record and document your findings, enhance and edit captured footage, generate detailed reports while on the job site, burn DVDs and export findings to a USB drive to share with customers. With the interface and software, you can use your laptop as a large screen monitoring display and record videos and images directly to your laptop's hard drive.

Along with the LT1000 system and the SeeSnakeHQ software, the R35973 comes the software and a reel mounting kit and 4 reel outriggers for stabilizing the interface on the reel, a 6' (1.8 m) USB cable, an AC power cable an 18V advanced lithium battery and a charger.

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