J-Maxx sewer machine with 19" open metal cable reel that comes with 1/2" x 75' hollow core drain cable

Drain Machine | J-MAXX SPA | 19" Open Spoke Metal Reel and 1/2" x 75' cable | Duracable Manufacturing Co

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Cable Diameter:
1/2" Cable
Reel Type:
Open Spoke Metal Reel

J-Maxx machine is a small drain machine with big power. With 1/3 hp motor at 200 rpm, this sewer machine handles residential jobs with ease. Available to order with an open metal spoke reel (shown) or enclosed polyethylene cable drum (optional), this machine makes changing reels a breeze. When switching reels to change drain cable diameters, the reel shaft sets it in place, and the revolving arm holds it from moving during operation. Maneuvering the J-Maxx drain cleaning machine is easy with the mobility kit which includes a detachable t-handle and 6” wheels (included with drain machine package).

The J-Maxx sewer machine consists of a continuously welded frame which allows for the workings of the machine to be bolted directly to the frame for stability. It is also designed to be able to handle 2 drum sizes (16" and 19") to operate both 3/8" and 1/2" drain cables. And why is Duracable drain equipment the best? It's made in USA, and we guarantee our work. The J-Maxx drain cleaning machine carries a guarantee of 2 years on the motor and the frame from normal wear and tear.

The JMaxx SPA model drain machine features a 1/3HP Motor with runs at 200 rpm, and comes with a 19" open spoke metal reel with a 1/2" x 75' hollow core drain cable.

Recommended Use: Residential, Roof Vents, Sinks, Bathtubs, Shower Drains, Laundry Drains.


Looking for replacement drain cables for this machine? Visit our cable portion of the Duracable website to locate the drain cable you need.

Upgrades or modifications to standard machine components may be available. Please call 1-800-247-4081 to change cable style, diameter, or length. Additional charges apply.

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