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1/2" x 50' Drain Cleaning Cable

1/2" x 50' hollow core drain snake by Duracable Manufacturing is great for cleaning tough clogs in plumbing and drain lines smaller than 4". You wont' find better replacement cables for your drain machine, than DuraFlex cables by Duracable Manufacturing. Our drain cables are made in the USA and come with a 30-day guarantee against material defects. Since our cable is made in USA, we are able to perform several quality control tests during the manufacturing process to ensure that you are receiving the best drain cable on the market.

Whether you are cleaning small residential lines for maintenance, or clearing clogs from 4" pipes, 1/2" draincables are the answer. 1/2" cables can be used with regular drain blades or heavy-duty drain knives to cut roots from pipes.

Our 1/2" sewer drain snake is a multi-purpose cable made from a proprietary, hard-drawn, high tensile strength wire. In addition to 1/2", our sewer snakes for sale are available in a variety of diameters, lengths and flexible characteristics to fit every application. This compact drain cable can run up to 50' to clear a clog.

Duracable also features a unique carton for packaging. This prevents damage that comes from the banding and shipping process that many manufacturers use. Our box allows to cable to be easily unloaded and helps prevent kinks or twists than can happen when removing a drain cable from a shipping carton and loading it into a sewer and drain cleaning machine.



Cable Diameter:1/2-inch 
Cable Length: 50 feet
Cable Type: Hollow Core