This reel cover works with either the DM10/J-Maxx sled drain cleaning machine with a 19" open metal reel to help eliminate splatter on the job.

Cover for 19" Open Spoke Metal Reel

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Reel Type:
Reel Cover

Reel cover for 19" open spoke metal reel (D1S1) - for DM10 SPA, J-Maxx SPA

The reel covers or splash guards by Duracable Manufacturing are recommended when cleaning a drain with an open metal reel. The covers acts as a barrier to prevent water from splattering while you are operating drain cleaning equipment. Our reel covers are made of a black nylon and vinyl material to keep the water contained and avoid splashing. The black color also helps hide the dirt after the job, however, the material is easy to clean. Don't let your drain equipment ruin your customers home. Invest in a reel cover to ensure that your customers continue to call you back.

The DRC19 is specifically used with a 19" spoke metal drum which fits on the DM10 or J-Maxx drain cleaning machine from Duracable.

Reel Type:
Reel Cover
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