The DM150A2 includes a machine cart to easily transport this small but mighty drain cleaning machine on and off the job.

Pivot Drain Cleaning Machine | DM150A2 | (2) 14" Oversized Polyethylene Reel, (1) 14" Polyethylene Reel, Machine Cart, 1/2" x 75' cable and 3/8" x 75' cable | Duracable Manufacturing Co

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Cable Diameter:
3/8" Cable
Cable Diameter:
1/2" Cable
Reel Type:
Polyethylene Reel
Reel Type:
Oversized Reel

The DM150 A2 drain machine comes with a 1/4HP motor at 230 rpm with two 14" oversized polyethylene reels, one 14" polyethylene reel, 1/2" x 75' sewer cable, 3/8" x 75' hollow core drain cable and a machine cart.

Looking for a machine that does it all? The pivot sewer cleaning machine from Duracable is one of the most versatile machines in the drain cleaning machine market. With the 1/4HP and 230 rpm, this machine is small but powerful. The pivot has the ability to tilt from 0-90 degrees to meet the needs of each specific job you are working on, making it ideal for tight working spaces or roof vents. Each of the five pivot positions locks into place to ensure the reel will stay where you want it. The ability to switch between 3/8” and 1/2” cable is also fast and easy. By loosening two t-bolts, the reel easily lifts on and off the machine, which saves time in the field.

The DM150 A1 also includes a machine cart, which makes it easy to transport the machine on and off the job and eliminating the stress on your back.

Recommended Use: residential lines, sinks, bathtubs, shower drains, roof vents, and floor drains


Upgrades or modifications to standard machine components may be available. Please call 1-800-247-4081 to change cable style, diameter, or length. Additional charges apply.

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