DM125 drain cleaning machine - front

DM125A - Sink Machine with 8" Polyethylene Reel and 1/4" x 37' cable

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Cable Diameter:
1/4" Cable
Reel Type:
Polyethylene Reel

Compact. Tough. Powerful. Sturdy. The DM125 drain machine by Duracable Manufacturing is a performance machine in a small package with a 1/6 hp motor which runs at 230rpm. Whether you are running this drain machine in the horizontal or upright position, it will do the job and with little mess. The poly reel helps keep the mess to a minimum in the area you are working. Less mess, less cleanup! The 8" cable drum holds 1/4" x 37' drain cable which is perfect for smaller residential plumbing lines. When the clog is small, the DM125 drain cleaner is the perfect size to carry in without having to drag in the large sewer machine.

This drain cleaning machine can easily be operated from a sink counter, or from a floor in a bathroom. A guide tube and quick lock guide tube bracket are standard options with this machine to protect surfaces from the cable rotation. Small residential jobs become quick and easy with this portable, lightweight machine. This drain machine is perfect for the commercial or professional plumber who needs a drain machine that is powerful yet compact. Did we mention that Duracable drain cleaning machines are built in the USA. We are so proud of our drain equipment that we offer a 2 year warranty on this sink machine.

The DM125 sink drain cleaning machine comes with a 1/6 HP Motor which runs at 230 rpm with air foot pedal and comes with an 8" poly reel, and 1/4" x 37' drain cable.

Recommended Use: Residential, Sinks, Bathtubs, Shower Drains

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