DM10 SPC Sewer and Drain Cleaning Machine with 19" poly reel with 1/2" x 75' drain cable

Drain Machine| DM10 SPC | 19" Polyethylene Reel and 1/2" x 75' cable | Duracable Manufacturing Co

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Cable Diameter:
1/2" Cable
Reel Type:
Polyethylene Reel

The DM10 sled-style drain cleaning machine clears the toughest clogs with the heavy duty 1/3 HP motor which runs at 195 rpm. The SPC model features a 19" Poly Reel with 1/2" x 75' hollow core drain cable. The DM10 makes the drain cleaning profession easier because it can handle even the toughest of clogs. The aluminum allow frame makes the DM10 lightweight, yet durable. The telescoping handle and 6" wheels also make it easy to move around from job to job. The cable drum can also be easily removed to help transport the machine without the extra weight of the drain snake in the drum. All of these features help keep the drain cleaning service tech safe and helps prevent injury while on the job.

The DM10 is perfect for clearing or cleaning drain lines including toilets, sinks, and shower drains. Using the right sewer snake, the DM10 can clean residential plumbing lines that are 1-1/4" to 4" in diameter. The SPC model comes with 1/2" x 75' sewer cable, but you can also operate a 16" cable drum which would run 3/8" x 75' drain cables as well.

Why Try Duracable Sewer & Drain Machines?
Duracable Manufacturing sells the best sewer and drain equipment for opening clogged drains. We manufacture our drain equipment in the USA and warranty our drain machines for 2 years on the frame and motor. We have been manufacturing drain machines since 1935 in Des Moines, IA.

Recommended Use: Residential, Roof Vents, Sinks, Bathtubs, Shower Drains, Laundry Drains.


Upgrades or modifications to standard machine components may be available. Please call 1-800-247-4081 to change cable style, diameter, or length. Additional charges apply.

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