DM10 SPA drain cleaning machine with 19" open reel and 1/2" x 75' drain cable for residential drain line cleaning

Drain Machine | DM10 SPA |19" Open Spoke Metal Reel and 1/2" x 75' cable | Duracable Manufacturing Co

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Cable Diameter:
1/2" Cable
Reel Type:
Open Spoke Metal Reel

The DM10 SPA drain machine by Duracable Manufacturing features a 1/3 HP Motor that runs at 195 rpm and comes with a 19" Open Spoke Metal Reel with a 1/2" x 75' sewer snake cable. This sled machine is great to clear residential drain lines sized from 1-1/4” up to 4” in diameter. This drain cleaning machine has a frame made from aluminum alloy which is lightweight, but the double tube frame design makes this drain cleaning machine durable. It features an adjustable handle and 6" wheels for easy transportation while on a drain cleaning job. The DM10 machine also features a 2-year warranty on the motor and frame of the drain cleaning machine. We are proud that Duracable drain cleaning products are made in the USA.

The DM10 drain cleaning machine is available with several options. It can operate with either a open spoke metal reel or an enclosed polyethylene reel in either 16" or 19" cable drums. The open spoke metal reel ensures that your drain cables can dry out thoroughly, but can often create a mess while operating the machine. It is also heavier than the poly reels. The enclosed polyethylene reels are lightweight and keep the splatter contained while operating the machine, but it can be harder to make sure your drain cable dries, but each of our poly reels feature a drain plug to be able to empty any water from the cable drum. This helps prevent your sewer cables from rusting.

Recommended Use: Residential, Roof Vents, Sinks, Bathtubs, Shower Drains, Laundry Drains.

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