DM10 SP drain cleaning machine with 16" open metal reel which runs 3/8" x 75' drain cables for residential drain lines sizes at 1-1/4" - 4"

Drain Machine | DM10 SP | 16" Open Spoke Metal Reel and 3/8" x 75' cable | Duracable Manufacturing Co

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Cable Diameter:
3/8" Cable
Reel Type:
Open Spoke Metal Reel

The DM10 is a sled style drain cleaning machine designed to clear drain lines from 1-1/4” up to 4” in diameter. The 1/3 hp motor runs at 195 rpm and makes the DM10 drain machine very capable to clean most residential drain lines. The SP Model comes with a 16" open spoke metal reel and 3/8" x 75' sewer cable. The smaller frame of this drain machine also makes it easy to transport on the job with the 6” wheels. The DM10 has a large-diameter front bearing which gives the machine more flexibility to use various size drain cables and cable drums. The DM10 sewer machine is ideal for smaller residential pipe cleaning jobs because it is light an maneuverable and can handle various drum and drain cleaning cable options. In addition to the 16" reel this model comes with, the DM10 sewer machine can also handle a 19" drum. The DM10 features a double-tube frame that protects wiring which runs inside the frame to protect the operator. It is lightweight, safe, and durable. The DM10 is a perfect drain machine against any residential drain clog and is great for property management as well.

Duracable Manufacturing offers a 2-year warranty on the DM10 drain machine on the frame and motor. Our drain equipment is made in the USA from the finest materials available. Duracable has been building drain machines since 1935, so we consider ourselves an expert in the drain cleaning industry.

Recommended Use: Residential Drain Cleaning, Roof Vents, Sinks, Bathtubs, Shower Drains, Laundry Drains.

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