Inner Core Drain Cable | 3/4" x 150' | Duracable Manufacturing Co


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Cable Diameter:
3/4" Cable
Cable Type:
Inner Core
Recommended Reel:
26" Oversized Reel
Recommended Reel:
27" Reel
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3/4" x 150' Sewer Cable Snake with Inner Core 

Our 3/4" cable is great for plumbers who are looking for a tough, quality cable that can get the job done quickly. The nylon inner core allows the plumber to break through clogs easier as it can act as a rod to poke through tough clogs. Duracable manufactures all of our cable and machines in USA. We use our own formula of wire to make the best quality cable available on the market today. We feel so strongly about the quality of our cable that we offer a 30-day guarantee against manufacturer defects.

Duracable Manufacturing designed a quality 3/4" drain snake which is great for cleaning tough clogs from residential drain lines. 3/4" draincable is perfect for larger drain lines. When you need a tough cable for a tough job, try Duracable's 3/4" x 150' drain snake. 3/4" sewer snakes are great for removing or cleaning tree roots from drain lines sizes up to 10". The 3/4" draincables are popular among service technicians because they are a little stiffer to be able to break through tough clogs and tree roots.The inner core cable features our hollow core cable with a nylon core that floats in the middle of the cable. As torque builds, the nylon core acts as a stiff rod which increases the rigidness of the cable enabling to push through tough drain obstructions. Inner core cable is most commonly used to clearing drain lines without lots of bends due to the rigidness of the cable.


“IT” HAPPENS. Duracable offers an industry-leading 30-day warranty on every drain cable we manufacture. DuraFlex® cable is guaranteed for 30 days against material defects. Cable inventory tag must accompany the return with a minimum of seven feet of cable.