Hollow Core Drain Cable | 11/16" x 120' | Duracable Manufacturing Co


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Cable Diameter:
11/16" Cable
Cable Type:
Hollow Core
Recommended Reel:
26" Reel
Recommended Reel:
26" Oversized Reel
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11/16" x 120' Sewer Drain Snake 

The 11/16" x 120' drain cleaner cable offers excellent flexibility for negotiating tight turns and angles in plumbing and drain lines and can get into the hard-to-reach areas. Our 11/16" sewer drain snake is a multi-purpose cable made from a proprietary, hard-drawn, high tensile strength wire. In addition to 11/16", our sewer snakes for sale are available in a variety of diameters, lengths and flexible characteristics to fit every application.

Duracable manufacture excellent drain cables that work well as replacement cables for a variety or drain machines from competitive brands including Ridgid, General Wire, Spartan Tool, Gorlitz, and others. Our cable can be attached using a variety of end fittings which makes our drain snakes compatible with other drain machines.

11/16" drain cable is designed to clean plumbing lines for large or small residential drain cleaning jobs. Duracable manufactures the best and we offer a 30-day guarantee to back it up. We cover defects in the material. Our sewer drain snakes are made in the USA, so we have a lot of control on the quality of the product we produce. It our materials don't pass our in depth testing measures, we don't sell it and it is disposed of. We also package our cable in a unique carton to protect it from shipping. We do not use bands to help eliminate damage. The carton helps load draincables easier with fewer kinks which means longer cable life and a better return on your investment of drain cable.

“IT” HAPPENS. Duracable offers an industry-leading 30-day warranty on every drain cable we manufacture. DuraFlex® cable is guaranteed for 30 days against material defects. Cable inventory tag must accompany the return with a minimum of seven feet of cable.