3/8" x 75 hollow core drain snake for drains sized at 2" to 3" in diameter to clear clogs in residential drain lines.

CH38-075 - 3/8" x 75' Hollow Core Drain Cable

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Cable Diameter:
3/8" Cable
Cable Type:
Hollow Core
Recommended Reel:
14" Reel (DM140)
Recommended Reel:
14" Reel
Recommended Reel:
14" Oversized Reel
Recommended Reel:
16" Reel

3/8" x 75' Hollow Core Sewer Cable

3/8" commercial drain snakes is our best selling small diameter drain cable. It's perfect to clear clogs in bath tubs, sink drains, and kitchen drain lines. 3/8" drain cable is also great for clearing washing machine lines from clogs. Our most popular lengths are 75' and 90' in length. 3/8" drain cables are ideal to clean or clear small to medium sized drain lines from clogs.

Whether you are using the drain cable in a Duracable drain machine or you are buying a DuraFlex cable as a replacement for your current drain cleaning machine, Duracable is the best cable on the market. We back our cable with a 30-day guarantee against materials. Our draincable is made in the USA so it is easy to complete quality control testing before and after production. Each cable we make is made from wire that is tested prior to manufacturing. After the cable is created, we test to ensure the quality of the product. We manufacture our drain cleaning cables from a proprietary, hard-drawn, high tensile strength wire in a variety of diameters, lengths and flexible characteristics to fit every application.


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