Hollow Core Drain Cable | 5/16" x 50' | Duracable Manufacturing Co


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Cable Diameter:
5/16" Cable
Cable Type:
Hollow Core
Recommended Reel:
14" Reel
Recommended Reel:
14" Oversized Reel
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5/16" x 50' Draincable (no core)

Our DuraFlex Hollow Core draincable style is the favorite among most service technicians. We manufacture it from a proprietary, hard-drawn, high tensile strength wire in a variety of diameters, lengths and flexible characteristics to fit every application. Hollow core cable is available in all cable diameters. Each cable from Duracable Manufacturing comes packaged in a unique carton to prevent the cable from being damaged during shipping and being damaged from bands which other brands use. The carton also allows the customer to easily remove the cable from the carton to load the machine easily without binding or kinking the drain cable.

5/16" x 50' drain cleaning cable is ideal for cleaning clogs from sinks, bath tubs, or other smaller drain lines in the home. Great for minor jobs - the cable is light and flexible enough to move through drain lines easily. 5/16" draincables cleans drain lines sized from 1-2" in diameter.

Our 5/16" x 50' sewer snake is the best cable available on the market. Made in USA, Duracable quality checks each cable before and after the manufacturing process. 5/16" sewer cable is perfect for tough jobs or clogs in lines smaller than 10" in diameter. 5/16" commercial drain snakes can be used with regular drain blades or heavy-duty drain knives to clean the pipes. Our 5/16" cable fits many competitors drain machines such as Ridgid, Spartan, General, Gorlitz, among others. If you are looking for a replacement drain cleaning cable for you current sewer and drain equipment, try Duracable!


"IT" HAPPENS. Duracable offers an industry-leading 30-day warranty on every drain cable we manufacture. DuraFlex® cable is guaranteed for 30 days against material defects. Cable inventory tag must accompany the return with a minimum of seven feet of cable.