Cable Accessories

Duracable has everything you need for the drain cleaning business. Cable accessories can be a vital part of the job and Duracable has what you need. End Fittings, Splice Cores, Cable Ends, Blade Holders - We've got it all! Not all service technicians prefer the same equipment which is why we offer a variety of cable accessories. If you prefer male cable ends, female cable ends, or slip joints, we can attach them to the cable you order, or you can purchase them individually. When you are looking to get the most out of your sewer cable, you may need a cable splice to repair a broken piece of drain cable - we've got it covered.

All of our drain cable accessories are manufactured in the USA. We take pride in the manufacturing process and each end fitting and cable accessory is made from a solid piece of steel rod. All of our end fittings have a 30-day warranty.



How To Splice Drain Cable or Bond End Fittings To Cable - click here.