Finding a Quality Sewer Snake for Sale

8th Apr 2020

When you encounter a tough clog that doesn’t respond to conventional methods, you need a tough machine that can take over and handle the job. Finding a quality sewer snake for sale should be your top priority, especially if you want to routinely tackle such difficult obstructions on a regular basis.

Over the years, you’ll encounter plumbing problems with a wide range of severity, from slow morning drains to massive tree roots that have taken up residence in the mainline. Whether you’re a homeowner or a certified sewer technician with years of experience, it’s important to always keep in mind that cleaning out a clog isn’t always a simple and clear-cut procedure.

In certain situations, a simple hand snake or plunger might do the trick. In other cases, you could plunge the same toilet for an entire week and not move the obstruction an inch. Not only do you need to have the proper tools on hand to deal with any kind of obstruction, but you should also know when it’s most appropriate to use these tools.

It’s crucial that if you are interested in tackling the toughest clogs, that you look for a sewer snake for sale that is built with power and longevity in mind. A true professional-grade drain cleaner that eliminates obstructions with ease time and time again.

Let’s take a look at why you might need such a sewer snake, how to improve your level of service as a technician, and where you can get one of these quality machines by ordering online from the comfort of your own home.

The Kind of Clogs That Require a Powerful Sewer Snake
Not every clog involves a wad of toilet paper and some soap scum. In fact, the causes of pipe clogs are as varied as it gets. As most sewer technicians would attest, you would be shocked to know just what ends up in our drains. Whether it’s a careless buildup of hair over the course of several months, or a child flushing their figurine down the toilet to see if he can swim, there seems to be no limit to the bizarre and inconvenient ways in which a drain can become obstructed and clogged.

Of course, most drain problems could be avoided with proper maintenance. The issue with waiting until the zero hour to care about your plumbing is that by then it’s already too late. For homeowners, taking the time to care for your pipes can prevent a lot of headaches down the road. Pour a little vinegar or baking soda down your drains once in a while. Even a little boiling water every now and then can’t hurt.

Once you get to the point where your plumbing has become sluggish or completely obstructed, and is unresponsive to plunging or liquid drain cleaners, it’s time to bring out the heavy-duty firepower.

What causes a drain to reach this point, however? There are several reasons why a pipe or mainline may become seriously blocked and require professional attention.

● Objects not intended for drains (diapers, toys, paper towels, trash, food refuse, sanitary pads, etc.)
● Large buildups of hair that catch other debris to form a hard, congealed mass.
● Grease, oil, and other fats.
● Tree roots that have broken through and grown into the pipe.
● Broken or compromised pipe that no longer functions properly due to structural damage.

It’s important to note that not all methods of unclogging a drain will work for some of these issues. In fact, a heavily clogged drain full of grease and tree roots will laugh at your attempts to plunge it. In many cases, chemical drain cleaners can actually make tough clogs like this worse, because while they aren’t powerful enough to break through the clog, they may yet damage your pipes and even combine with the obstruction to form an even larger congealed mass of unmentionable ooze, to which only a powerful drain cleaning machine would be able to tackle.

Why Quality Service Hinges on a Quality Snake
There are times when you will certainly need the power of a professional-grade sewer snake, and your ability to provide excellent service will hinge on you having the right tools for the job, just like any profession. Because plumbing issues can wreak such havoc on the daily life of a family or business, addressing these issues in a professional and timely manner is of the utmost importance.

Hence the need for a high-quality drain snake that can deal with such extreme problems as tree roots and diapers. While these problems are certainly rarer than say, a clump of hair and grease, you don’t want to be caught off guard with a machine that isn’t up for the challenge.

Your service is only as good as the tools you’re using. If your sewer snake isn’t powerful enough to bust through tough blockages, including tree roots, it will be hard to save face and retain that client. You may even have to come back another day with the proper tools just to complete the job. This is a scenario you can avoid by being prepared with a high-quality snake.

Always keep in mind how much a drain obstruction interferes with the normal life and routine of those who are experiencing it. If you’re dealing with a scenario where the mainline itself is clogged, rendering all of the drains in the house unusable, this effectively puts the life of the family in question on hold until the problem is resolved. They are relying on a sewer technician who is solution-orientated and has the equipment that can rescue them from the situation.

Such clogs are a serious problem and pose a myriad of health and safety issues, not to mention are a massive inconvenience for everyone involved. Being able to clear these obstructions in a professional and efficient manner is what the job is all about.

In Search of the Right Snake
Finding a high-quality sewer snake for sale online is not as difficult as it may seem if you know where to look. It’s important to be aware of your options so you have a reliable manufacturer to turn to when you face a tough clog or need replacement cables, blades, or a new drain machine altogether.

While there are certainly a hefty number of places you could potentially obtain a decent drain cleaning machine, you don’t want to settle for a product that won’t get the job done or that will leave you with an unsatisied customer.

It’s also important to note that there are a variety of powerful sewer snakes that serve different purposes. Some are more compact and are suited for close quarters, such as bathrooms, utility rooms, smaller kitchens and basements, and other difficult-to-navigate locations. Others are generally deemed as all-purpose and are viable in most common situations, while the largest and toughest drain machines are designed to tackle mainlines and commercial properties.

If you find yourself in need of a truly powerful machine capable of clearing everything from grease to tree roots, you’re going to want to rely on a leader in the industry that knows their drain machines and cable.

We here at Duracable specialize in tough and practical sewer snakes that can overcome even the most stubborn, insurmountable clogs and blockages that you may encounter. Here is just a sample of the kinds of machines we carry.

Drain Machine: DM10 SP 16” Open Spoke Metal Reel
This machine, in particular, is a sled style drain cleaning machine designed to clear lines from 1-1/4” up to 4” in diameter. The motor runs at an impressive 195 rpm, giving it the ability to clear out just about any problem you may face in a residential drain line.

This SP Model comes with a 16" open spoke metal reel and 3/8" x 75' sewer cable. Given the smaller overall size of this model, and its 6” wheels, it makes it ideal for transport and maneuverability if necessary.

The DM10 sewer machine works best for residential plumbing jobs because of its size and weight, making it the perfect choice for technicians who specialize in this area.

Upright Drain Machine DM175SP1 23” Polyethylene Reel and 11/16” x 100’ Cable
On the other side of the spectrum, we have this incredibly powerful upright model that can handle any kind of residential and commercial drain issue without a second thought. We have created this upright drain cleaning machine to make life easier on sewer technicians everywhere, leading to a more hassle-free experience for everyone, especially the client. This machine includes our direct drive system which eliminates the need for a belt, as well as cable reels that are a cinch to remove and change out with quick release spring bolts.

Our upright drain machine has the ability to save you time and money with its efficiency and power. It has the ability to carve up everything from debris to tree roots and everything in between, and despite its size, this machine has an impressive amount of maneuverability. This is the level of quality to need if you plan on continuously tackling tough sewer clogs and drain problems. When regular maintenance isn’t enough and serious drain problems occur, you want a drain machine at your disposal that has the raw capabilities to carve through anything.

This is what you want out of a quality sewer snake, the ability to perform your job with utmost efficiency so you can be sure that you are providing a high level of customer service, with a machine that will finish the job in a timely manner as well as ensure minimal hassle as you go about your business.

Duracable is an industry leader when it comes to crafting machines that fit this description. Our diverse line of quality drain machines can defeat even the toughest clogs and provide you with years upon years of use because they are constructed with longevity in mind. Our machines come with long warranties that reinforce our faith in them. You can count on Duracable products standing up to the test, no matter what job you have to do.

If you’re looking for one of these powerful sewer snakes, you only need to stop by our online store to see our popular and reliable products. We carry everything from small compact drain machines for all-purpose home use, to commercial strength powerhouses that are designed to chew through tree roots and clear mainlines.

Along with our various lines of drain machines, you will also find an assortment of other essential drain-clearing items and tools, such as replacement cables, blades, reels, grease dissolvers, drain cleaners, and more. Anything you need as a technician to complete your job and provide top tier customer service, you will be able to find it right here at Duracable.

After analyzing your needs and selecting the sewer snake for sale that is right for you, our simple checkout process makes it easy for you to obtain your new machine. We even provide easy financing options, so there’s no excuse not to invest in a powerful snake that can transform the way you tackle drain issues.

If at any time you have questions about what drain machine is right for you, you can easily reach out to our experts here at 800-247-4081, and we’ll assist you. We are dedicated to our customers and understand the value of high-performance and reliability. For superior quality and service you can always rely on, you can be sure that we here at Duracable understand your needs and will work hard to meet them.