Best Sewer Snake Replacement Blades

22nd Mar 2017

As a drain cleaning professional, you need to be equipped for anything you come across while doing your job. One day you could be cleaning out grease build-up in a residential drain line and on another, tree roots could be blocking a sewage main. Having the right sewer snake replacement blades can make your job easier and help you to be prepared for whatever the circumstances dictate.

You will need different types and sizes of sewer snake replacement blades. Each type of blade brings something different to the table. Some blades can cut through blockages, while others are needed to scrape the inside of the drain lines. As far as size is concerned, in most cases, you will be using a small blade to start with, a blade much smaller than the line. You need to do this to clear the line of some of the blockage and get the water flowing a little. Once done, the larger blades can come into play to finish off the work.

Blade Usage According to Shape

You should know which shape of your sewer snake replacement blade is needed in different scenarios. Duracable manufactures 10 different blade shapes in a range of sizes including 1-inch blades that can fit into the smallest lines with ease, up to 16-inch blades for larger lines. Shapes include elliptical, offset, pear, round, single, paddle, etc. You can even choose between saw teeth (serrated) or plain.

You can choose something like a pear shaped or elliptical blade to remove most obstructions. The serrated blades are designed to tear away at obstructions, making them great for roots. The sharp blades without the saw teeth, on the other hand, cut and slice their way through blockages.

Most of the time you will be using a single saw as your initial drain opening blade. It will lay the foundation for the heavy hitters to build on. The round shaped and u-shaped blades are designed to stick close to the pipe's inner surface since they are similar in shape to the pipe. This makes it easier for them to pass through bends as they use the pipe shape to find their way.

If you are confronted with a grease problem, try using ground out cones or paddles. These blades can have a scooping effect on the solidified grease on pipe surfaces, which helps remove it faster.

Get Your Sewer Snake Replacement Blades From Duracable

Duracable manufactures custom sewer snake replacement blades right here in the U.S. Our blades can fit all brands of drain cleaning machines including Spartan, General and Ridgid among others. Made from corrosion resistant, carbon steel these blades have a much longer useful life than anything else you can find in the market. They come pre-sharpened and ready for use. Just attach them to your sewer snake and start cleaning away those drains.

We also have a number of specialty cutters that may come in handy in tight spots. With so much choice, you would be hard pressed not to find something you like. Visit our website and see what we are all about.