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Cable Diameter:
1/4" Cable
Reel Type:
Polyethylene Reel
Recommended Machine:
Recommended Machine:
Recommended Machine:
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8" Cable Drum

The 8" Cable Drum is a polyethylene reel designed to run 1/4" drain cleaning cable.  It works best with the DM125 or DM138 drain machine models by Duracable Manufacturing. Purchase this reel if you want to use an additional reel with your machine.  Cable reels on Duracable drain cleaning equipment are convenient and easy to switch which makes it easy to run different size drain cables while you are on the job. This reel comes complete with the inner reel and head bearing as well as the revolving arm to run the cable. 

The enclosed polyethylene drum keeps the job site clean by containing any splatter from the drain cables in the reel. Each reel has a removable plug to allow water to drain from the drum so cables can dry properly between jobs.

Recommended Cable: 1/4" x 37'

Duracable polyethylene reels are covered with a three-year warranty. Metal reels have a two-year warranty.